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Short Small Dog Gate, 24" Tall Doggie Gate. Dog Gate for Small Dogs. Short Pet Gate. Indoor Freestanding Walk Through, Step Over Dog Gate for Stairs, Doorway, Front Door. Small Dog Gate for Outside.

24 Inch Tall Pet Gate with Door for Small Dogs, For Stairs, Doorway, Front Door, Patio Door, French Door. For Outdoor Use and Inside the House. Freestanding w/ Door. Pet Gate for Small Dogs. Short Dog, Doggie, Puppy Gate , Free Standing Dog Fence. 24" Tall White Metal 3 Panel with Door. Step Over. Libro by NMN Designs

Keep your furry friends safe, without compromising the aesthetic appeal of your living space.

  • Quick Easy Install. No Drill. No Tools Required. 

Introducing NMN Designs Dog Gates for Small Dogs. These stylish small pet gates are specifically crafted for little doggies and small dogs, providing an effective yet visually appealing solution for confining your pets indoors and outdoors.

Short Dog Gate, Pet Gates for Small Dogs. Small Dog Gate for Stairs, Doorway, Front Door, Deck, Patio, and Porch. Outdoor and Indoor. 

Standing at a convenient 24 inches tall, these freestanding barriers easily adapt to various spaces, including doorways, stairs, hallways, and extra wide and long openings.

  • Indoor / Outdoor The new Libro Short Pet Gate for Small Dogs with a walk-through door is the ideal solution for nearly every opening. A front door, doorway, stairs inside, or outside on a porch, deck, or patio. 
    • Weather-resistant, White Powder Coat Finish to use Inside or Outside.
    • Step over, or use the easy open door, with a flip latch.

Installation is a breeze, requiring no tools or drilling, making these gates ideal for any home setup. Their versatility extends to their adaptability in width, featuring infinite-width panels or sets with an accessible walk-through door.

Not only are they adjustable and easy to reposition as needed, but they also offer convenient travel options, as they can be effortlessly folded flat for storage or transport.

5 products

5 products