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Modern Fiberglass Resin Indoor Planter Pots for Indoor Plants

The gorgeous lightweight fiberglass planter pot collection from NMN Designs is a favorite of designers, landscape architects, and home gardeners alike. These sleek, balanced designs feature clean lines and sturdy composition, suitable for home and commercial settings. 

Indoor - Or Outdoor Options. Style, Versatility and Durability, including Extreme Climates. We all love having options, and these fiberglass planters offer versatility for both indoor an outdoor use. The fiberglass planters for plants are finished to withstand extreme temperatures, ice, snow and intense sun. The lightweight planter pots are finished for UV protection against intense sun, and weatherproofed to make a fabulous impression at doorways and entrances, on patios, decks, balconies, poolside, in gardens or any outdoor setting.

The Contemporary  Fiberglass Planter Size and Shape. The indoor fiberglass planter pot, box and container collection is available in a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit a variety of outdoor plants, seasonal plants, evergreens, grasses and small trees. Large planters that make a statement. The architectural rectangle planter comes in a variety of sizes including tall barriers or window boxes. Cube or Square Planters are on-trend. The cylindrical or round planter is a classic in any contemporary or architectural setting. Use the filters to find the right size for you!

9 products

9 products