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Modern Fiberglass Outdoor Planter Pots, Skinny Boxes, Square Cubes, Rectangles, and Tall Large Planters for Outdoor Plants and Trees. Home Patio, Porch, Office, and Businesses. 

Aster. Large Outdoor Fiberglass Plant Box. NMN Designs

The outside is made even more beautiful.

Introducing the fabulous NMN Designs collection of upscale outdoor fiberglass planters, designed to elevate your outdoor spaces with a touch of contemporary elegance. The stunning, sleek design of these fiberglass planters makes them an ideal choice for those seeking a modern, sophisticated touch to their patios, balconies, roof decks or entrances, and a variety of outdoor spaces.

Lightweight Fiberglass Planter Shapes. Large. Extra Large. Tall. Round. Square Cubes and Rectangles

  • Tall and large planters for a bold display of your favorite plants and flowers
  • Modern round and square planters for harmonious and balanced arrangements
  • Rectangular planter boxes for structured, eye-catching displays along walkways or as centerpieces

Fiberglass Barrier Planters. Entrances and Doorways. Walkways. Decks.

  • Ideal for demarcating spaces and directing foot traffic
  • Perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of entrances, doorways, walkways, and decks

Transform your outdoor spaces with these upscale fiberglass planters, planter boxes, and containers. They are the favorites of many decorators and landscape architects for both commercial and residential use. Elevate your plant displays and create a contemporary and upscale outdoor environment for both home and commercial settings.

11 products

11 products