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Stylish Heavy-Duty Dog Gates with Doors and Strong Pet Gate Barriers

Beautiful, Stylish and Strong Pet Gates and Dog Gate with Swinging Doors for Inside the House and Outside on Decks and Patios. As pets become an even greater part of our lives, there are still some places we don’t want them to be. We offer a full line of strong indoor pet gates and outdoor dog gates that not only help contain our furry-legged friends, but also rid homeowners, once and for all, of the notion that a pet barrier must be an eyesore. See beautiful high-end dog gates that are easy to install, and built to contain even the most spirited dogs.

Strong Dog Gate Materials. Designer Pet Gate Styling

Beautiful and Strong. High-end pet barriers to look beautiful in your home, blending strong materials such as hardwood, metals including wrought iron and steel, and recycled plastic (made in U.S.A.) for outdoors, our line of pet barrier gates are both heavy-duty and ornamental, with decorative doggy gate styles spanning from traditional to modern to blend seamlessly with any home décor, for puppy's, small dog and large dogs.

Great for use in hallways including extra wide and long openings, living room entrances, doorways, stairs at the top or bottom of the stairs, or anywhere around the house and deck to contain your furry friend, even the most persistent, spirited and large dogs, including jumpers and escape artists. The extra long and extra wide dog gates are terrific room dividers for wide and open spaces.

Easy Measure, Order and Install! Simply measure the width your opening and select the kit that will fit perfectly. No tools or drilling required!

Use the product filter to find exactly the right dog gate size, height and width for you, or use these links to collections.

    22 products

    22 products