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      Stylish Extra Wide Dog Gates, Tall Long Pet Gates and Barriers

      Beautiful, Functional Upscale Strong Dog Gates for Extra-Wide and Long Openings. Indoor and Outdoor.

      Barriers for the worlds most spirited and fabulous dogs. As pets become an even greater part of our lives, there are still some places we don’t want them to be. These products are the perfect solution for pet owners to keep their spirited furry friends contained in certain areas of the home or deck, without sacrificing style or convenience. 

      Pressure Mounted Wide Dog Gates or Freestanding Wide Dog Gates for Maximum Versatility

      The extra-wide pressure mounted dog gate with swinging walk through door, or freestanding dog gate style is the perfect solution for extra long openings up to 87" Wide

      Pressure mounted pet gates can be quickly and easily installed without tools or drilling, a terrific option for security and to avoid damage to walls. They offer the greatest security, and need just 2" x 2" of surface for mounting.

      The freestanding dog gates can be used in a variety of configurations and settings. Whether you need to block a hallway, a staircase, or an entire room, the freestanding gate can be set up in a variety of configurations to fit your specific needs. Select from "infinite width" panels, or sturdy gate sets with walk through doors. 

      The Right Height for Your Dog. Dog Gates from 24" - 42" High

      Which height is best for you and your dog? If you have a small dog, consider a "step over" 24" tall freestanding option with nearly infinite widths and configurations for wide, extra wide and long openings.   

      For medium to large dogs, a 28 - 42" height is typically the best.  The tallest 42" height pressure mounted is ideal for enthusiastic jumpers and escape artists, and very large tall dog breeds.

      High-Quality Dog Gate Materials and Finishes. Indoor and Outdoor.

      Not only are these upscale dog gates and dog barriers functional, but they also look great in any home. The pet gates are crafted using high-quality materials such as beautiful hardwood, metals including steel and wrought iron, and recycled plastic, making the line of designer pet gates are both heavy-duty and ornamental, with styles spanning from traditional to modern to blend seamlessly with any home décor.

      Whether you have a new puppy, a super-excited jumper, or and older dog that needs a little extra supervision, this collection of extra long and tall dog gates are the perfect solution. With easy installation, durable construction, the gates are the perfect combination of form and function.

      Easy Installation No Drill Extra Wide Dog Gate

      We make it easy for you. No tools needed. No Drilling! Simply measure the width of your opening, order the kit for that exact size. Your gate will come assembled, including any extensions for that perfect fit.

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