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      Puppy Gates for Doorways, Stairs, Narrow and Large Openings and Small Dogs

      Puppy Gates for The House. Indoor and Outdoor. Stairs, Decks, Porches and Patios. 

      Puppy gates are helpful tools for keeping your puppy safe in your house and outside on decks. You can put them in doorways, to block stairs at either the top of the stairs or the bottom, and in wide or long open spaces.

      Use them for small dogs, and be ready for them to grow and reach their full height. These durable Puppy and Dog Gates work well for large puppies and big dog breeds because there are tall and strong options. Your fur baby will grow quickly, so you want to be prepared to keep everyone safe and happy.

      • Quick Easy Installation for All Pet Gates. No Drill. No Tools Required.

      Puppy Gate with Door. Puppy Gate for Stairs, Doorway, Swinging Walk Through Doors

      Many puppy gates have doors, so you can walk through them easily without removing the gate. Puppy safety gates help protect your puppy and teach them where they can play. Using these gates makes life easier for you and your furry friend as you live and learn together.

      Puppy Gate with Walk Through Door. Indoor Auto-Close and Lock Options

      Enjoy the convenience of the walk-through swinging door, which makes it easy to move around your home while keeping your doggy safely contained. A thoughtfully designed flip latch closure, or auto close and lock makes coming and going a breeze, even if you are carrying something. The pet gate door swings in both directions, making it convenient for you to pass through inside the house or outside on the deck.

      Pressure Mounted Puppy Gate or Freestanding Puppy Gate

      Which pet gate is right for you? It may depend on the opening you need to cover and if your doggie is likely to try to jump over the gate.

      • A pressure mounted puppy gate for small dogs is the most secure option, and the walk through door allows you to move freely while keeping your friend contained. 
        • A minimum surface of 2" x 2" is required for mounting.
      • If you have an irregular size opening, or your dog will respect a sturdy visual barrier, a freestanding dog gate option may be the best for you. 

      24 products

      24 products