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Modern Outdoor Planters and Containers for Outdoor Plants

The outside made even more beautiful.

The stunning modern outdoor planter collection from NMN Designs offer stylish design suitable for a variety of contemporary and architectural settings. Manufactured with a variety of high quality and lightweight materials including heavy-duty resin fiberglass, gorgeous metal planters in brushed aluminum or stainless steel, the planters offer functionality indoors and outdoors for maximum versatility.

The outdoor collection is weather-resistant, UV resistant, and built to withstand extreme temperatures. 

The Right Size and Shape. Stunning architectural rectangle planters, both vertical and horizontal - perfect for outdoor barriers on patios and more. Cube or square planter boxes. Modern yet classic round planter pots or cylinders. Extra Large and Tall planters over 28". A wide range of sizes from small planters for tabletop or floor planters with stands.

The collection is a favorite of interior designers and architects for both residential and commercial settings. Make a fabulous impression at entrances, foyers and lobbies, on decks, balconies, patios and poolside. Divide any space with Cafe Barrier Planters. Many planters come with drainage holes, some not - the right option depends on your particular needs or situation. Find the best outdoor planter for your outdoor plants below!

25 products

25 products