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      Short 24" Step Over Pet Gates and Dog Gates. Indoor. Outdoor.

      Introducing the NMN Designs collection of beautiful, upscale, and strong short step over dog gates and pet barriers for doorways, designed to provide a stylish and practical solution to keeping your furry friends safe and contained within your home. The pet gates are freestanding, making them easy to install and move around as needed, and they can be used in doorways, hallways, and other areas of your home including extra wide and long openings.

      Upscale Short Dog Gates and Doors for The Worlds Most Spirited, Enthusiastic Dogs

      A designer look, with furniture grade craftsmanship and materials. High-quality and durable materials including wrought Iron and steel or solid wood and available in a variety of styles and finishes, the indoor dog gates and pet gates are as stylish as they are functional for your home. Whether you prefer a sleek and modern design, a more traditional look, or something in between, there is a dog gate that will complement your home's decor while keeping your pets safe and secure.

      The dog gates are designed to be strong and durable, with sturdy frames and walk through swinging doors with secure locking mechanisms to ensure that your pets cannot escape. At the same time, they are easy for you to operate, with convenient one-handed opening and closing mechanisms that make it easy to move through your home while keeping your pets in check.

      So whether you're looking to keep your pets out of certain areas of your home, or simply want to create a safe and secure space for them to play and relax, our collection of indoor dog gates and pet barriers has everything you need.

      See why the NMN Dog Gates are perfect solution for the world's most spirited dogs!

      4 products

      4 products