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      Wall Mounted Dog Gate. Heavy Duty Tall and Wide Wall Mount Pet Gate Barriers. Indoor. Outdoor.

      Safely contain your furry friends without sacrificing style. Inside and Outside.

      Introducing the NMN Designs collection of upscale and heavy duty pressure mounted pet gates with walk through door, and tension gates for dogs, for pet owners who want to keep their furry friends safely contained while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their living space.

      • Quick Easy Installation for All Gates. No Drill. No Tools Required.

      NMN Designs manufactures a full line of strong pressure mounted dog gates for small dogs and pets to big strong large dogs that are not only durable, but also add a touch of style and sophistication to any room inside the home, or outside on porches, decks and patios. 

      Each tension mounted pet gate is designed for function, and to help you easily move about, and to blend seamlessly with your home decor from traditional to modern.

      Pressure Mounted Pet Gates

      pressure mounted dog gate or pet gate is the most secure option, and the walk through door allows you to move freely while keeping your friend contained. 

      • A minimum surface of 2" x 2" is required for mounting.

      They work by using pressure against the walls or stairway to hold the gate securely in place. This makes them ideal for pet owners who want a quick and easy solution that doesn't require any tools or hardware, and are very strong

      Cover your opening, from a narrow door 28" wide to 87" extra wide and long for use in hallways, doorways, stairs, as dog room dividers, or anywhere around the house, or outside on the deck, patio, porch and yard.

      24 products

      24 products