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      Strong 42" Extra Tall and Wide Dog Gates for Large Dogs and Jumpers Inside the House. Pressure Mounted with Walk Through Door. Doorways, Hallways, Stairs, and Wide Long Openings. 

      42" Extra Tall Dog Gate, Extra Wide and Narrow Openings Inside the House. Walk Thru Door, Indoor Doorway, Stairs. Heavy Duty Dog Gate for Large dog. Swinging Walk Through Door, Indoor, Pressure Mounted, Black Wrought Iron Metal.  Large Doggy. 34" to 60.5" Extra Wide and Long Black Strong Wrought Iron Metal Doorway, Stairs, for Strong Large Dogs, Designer, Luxury Pet Gate for dogs. Emperor Rings by NMN Designs

      42" Extra Tall Pet Gates for Big Dogs, and now for the entire furry family, with the right size gap to contain little dogs and cats, too.

      The 42" Extra Tall Gate Height is great for a large breed and the most persistent jumpers. 

      For years, the Emperor Rings Extra Tall Metal Dog Gate has been the ideal solution for large dog lovers to contain their large furry friends, and look beautiful while doing the work.    

      NEW! Now, we're excited to offer the Slim Gap Dahlia Pet Gate, which has the strength and height of the Emperor Rings, with a narrow 1.25" slat width to contain cats, and tiny dogs, too. A solution for the entire furry family. 

      Dahlia 42" Tall Pet Gate for Dogs and Cats by NMN Designs. 1.25" Space between bars, perfect for puppies, toy breeds, cats.

      2 products

      2 products