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      Dog Gate for Doorway. Strong Walk Through Pet Gates. Dog Gates to Use In Doorways. Narrow Doorway and Wide Doorway.

      Safely contain your furry friends without sacrificing style.

      Introducing the NMN Designs collection of upscale pet gates and dog gate barriers for pet owners who want to keep their furry friends safely contained while maintaining the aesthetic appeal of their living space.

      We offer a full line of stylish and strong pet doorway gates,dog gates for dogs of all sizes from small dogs to large dogs that are not only durable, but also add a touch of style and sophistication to any room inside the home, or outside on porches, decks and patios. 

      Each gate is designed for function, and to help you easily move about, and to blend seamlessly with your home decor from traditional to modern.

      Indoor. Outdoor. Heavy Duty Doorway Dog Gates with Swinging Doors and Strong Walk Through Pet Gate Barriers

      Crafted with durability in mind, the collection of stylish pet gates for doorways are made from high-quality materials and include options for indoor or outdoor use that can withstand the strength and energy of even the most active dogs. The dog gates are specifically designed for strength and durability, including spirited large dogs and can hold up against their weight and size. 

      Whether your beloved dog respects a visual barrier, or needs a strong barrier, sturdy construction and ample height (up to 42" extra tall) will prevent even the most determined escape artists from climbing over or squeezing through.

      Heavy-duty materials such as gorgeous wrought iron, strong steel, beautiful hardwood and durable weather and UV resistant recycled plastic (made in U.S.A) the line of pet gates for dogs will help contain even the most spirited dogs and last for many years to come.

      Strong Pressure Mounted Doorway Gate for Dogs  or Versatile Freestanding Dog Gate for Doorways

      Which gate is right for you? It may depend on the opening you need to cover, and the strength of your dog.

      A pressure mounted dog gate for dogs is the most secure option, and the walk through door allows you to move freely while keeping your friend contained. 

      • A minimum surface of 2" x 2" is required for mounting.
      • Auto Close and Auto Lock Options. There are dog gate doorway options that include auto-close or auto-lock doors, and easy flip latch which make it easy for you to move about, even when carrying something.

      Freestanding Dog Gate. If you have an irregular size opening, or your dog will respect a sturdy visual barrier, a freestanding dog gate option may be the best for you. 

      Easy Install Doorway Gate. No Tools or Drilling.

      Easy to order, install and use, the gate are designed with your convenience in mind. With easy installation and a variety of widths to choose from, you can find the perfect gate starting with the width of the opening you need to cover. Simply measure the width of your opening, and see options that will fit perfectly.

      • Doors arrive assembled, simply add included extensions if needed and install quickly and easily.

      Doorway Gate For Small Doggy and Tall Dogs, Stylish Narrow Doorway to Extra-Wide Doorway Dog Gate Options

      Cover your opening, from a Narrow Doorway 28" Wide to Wide and Long Doorways, 105" wide..or infinite widths with panels. Great for small dogs, medium and  large dog breeds for use in hallways, doorways, stairs (at the top or bottom), as dog room dividers, or anywhere around the house and, deck, patio, yard or poolside.

      Whether you need to keep your pet contained, or simply want to create a designated area for them to stay and relax in, these elegant dog gates are the perfect solution!

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