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Modern Outdoor Flower Pots. Large Flower Pots. Tall, Round, Square, and Rectangle. For Outdoor Plants, Flowers, and Small Trees Outside.

The outside made even more beautiful.

NMN Designs offers an exquisite collection of modern outdoor flower pots and planter pots that are renowned for their stylish, sleek, and elegant designs. These pots are perfect for a range of traditional, contemporary, and architectural outdoor settings.

  • High-Quality Materials: They are crafted from high-quality and lightweight materials like heavy-duty resin fiberglass and gorgeous metal planters in brushed aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Durable in Extreme Weather: These pots are weather-resistant and UV-resistant. They are built to withstand extreme climates, including frost, snow, ice, or intense heat and sun.
  • Variety of Plants and Trees.: The collection is diverse and caters to all plant sizes, from small tabletop greenery to large trees and grasses.

Modern Shapes. Shapes available in this Modern and Contemporary Outdoor Planter Collection are:

  • Modern Rectangular Planters, both vertical and horizontal, are perfect for creating a dramatic entrance or acting as outdoor barriers.
  • Cube or Modern Square Planter Boxes which fit seamlessly into any contemporary setting.
  • Traditional Round Planters or Cylinders that never go out of style.
  • Extra-Large and Tall Modern Planters that are over 28" tall for making a bold statement.

29 products

29 products