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Outdoor Dog Gate for Decks and Backyard

The NMN Designs line of designer outdoor dog gates are beautiful and heavy-duty barrier solutions to keep your furry friend where you want them to be, pressure mounted or freestanding.

Pressure Mounted Metal Pet Gate for Deck Stairs

The tension mount or pressure mounted expandable Libro outdoor metal dog gate can be used on decks and porches, the perfect solution for the top or bottom of the stairs while your dog is outside. The pressure mounted steel dog gate style is the ideal solution for the most persistent dogs. See options to expand from 28" to 60.5" wide.

Freestanding Outdoor Dog Gate for Decks and Yards

The freestanding Backyard Dog Gate or pet gate is heavy-duty and easily foldable for travel or temporary use in the yard, poolside, or at the top or bottom of the stairs.  

3 products

3 products