Square Outdoor Planters

Modern Square Outdoor Planter Boxes

The modern planter line from NMN Designs is a favorite of landscape architects, designers, landscapers, and indoor-gardeners alike. These sleek, balanced designs feature clean lines and sturdy composition, suitable for home, garden and commercial settings. Available in a wide range of materials and sizes to fit a variety of plants and trees in any environment. Use indoor and outdoor year-round, all temperature. These modern, architectural planters are a mainstay wherever they are used.

  • Alora - Four Sizes 10" - 23", Galvanized Steel 16 Guage
  • Madeira Cube - Two sizes 16" or 20", Heavy-Duty Aluminum
  • Seeley - Four Sizes 14" - 30", Fiberglass
  • Zoid - Two sizes 14" or 18", Galvanized Steel
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