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Modern Elevated Double Dog Bowl Diners

Designer Elevated Double Dog Bowl Stands at the perfect height for your small dog or cat, medium size dog, big and large dog or XL extra large and  tall dog. Raised Double Dog Bowls to use both Inside the House and Outside for both food and water.

Beautifully Quiet Dining.
 elevated dog bowl and stand is carefully crafted to minimize noise and movement while enthusiastic dogs eat food and drink water. Rubber tips on the feet, and rubber rings around the food-safe dog bowls minimize noise so you can relax while they enjoy their meal. 
Heavy-Duty materials and superior craftsmanship ensure no wobbling and tipping will occur.

Modern, Architectural and Classic Materials

Gorgeous in any setting. Raised double dog bowl with stand sets to suit the choosiest of pets and pet owners alike. Using high quality materials such as heavy-duty steel, wrought iron, hardwood, and recycled plastic, our elevated dog bowl diners are built to last and designed to enhance whatever spot in the home they occupy.

Pets Stop & NMN Designs. A United Mission

These unique Pets Stop / NMN Products elevated dog bowl diners can be found in boutiques, vet hospitals, and independent pet stores all over the world. They have been featured in the New York Times, pet industry must-have lists, and even on TV. But we’re most proud of how many pets’ lives our raised stands have touched. Elevated dog bowls are a must for large dogs and those who suffer from arthritis, gas intake, or megaesophagus. For all the others, they are a necessary luxury.

17 products

17 products